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25 Goals in Year 25


How do you set goals for your day? Your year? Your life?

Quarter life is fast approaching, and I’m excited, anxious, and terrified all at once. 

25 means I can’t shrug off responsibility and get away with it. 25 means I need to be a functional, fiscally responsible adult. 25 means finding work/life balance. 25 means I can’t do ridiculous dance moves in public anymore – actually, I’ll never give that up.

25 means goal setting, and when it comes to goals I live by lists because I get overwhelmed easily and need to break down bigger goals into smaller, actionable ones. For example, big goals like “be a better friend” feel overly vague, but “visiting a friend in another city” is totally doable.

I alluded to my yearly habit of setting goals for my birthday. It’s something I look forward to because it gives me context and helps me chart my progress. This is how far I’ve come, and this is where I need to go. Though my travels may seem whimsical, I am not a spontaneous person by nature. I love to plan and find spontaneity within structure.

If you’ve never compiled one of these lists, I strongly encourage you to give it a shot. Think of areas where you want to improve and come up with a few goals that will move you forward in those areas. If your sleeping habits still resemble a college student’s, why not institute a weekday curfew for this year? If you’re bad about keeping in touch with friends, why not pledge to call one person every week?

If you don’t set the goal, it won’t get done. Completing 50% of it is better than not making any progress at all. 

Mine are a mix of career/skill development (freelance for a publication), purely recreational (make kimchi!), health (meditate), and relationship-focused (plan a weekend trip with my girlfriends). Without further ado, here are my 25 goals for 25 years:

1. Hike Glacier National Park
2. Volunteer on a rooftop farm
3. Reach (or surpass!) my 75th post on Val the Voyager
4. Freelance for a publication or blog
5. Go vegan for one week
6. Meditate every morning for 5 minutes
7. Plan a weekend trip with girlfriend(s)
8. Go one month without buying any clothes
9. Join or host a book club
10. Make kimchi
11. Take a self defense class
12. Reach 500 Twitter followers
13. Read “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown
14. Become an expert on SEO
15. Grow my own basil plant
16. Have a consistent yoga practice (at least 3x a week)
17. Do the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge
18. Get a foot massage at least once every month
19. Attend the John Oliver Show
20. Watch every Studio Ghibli movie I haven’t seen yet
21. Create an Instagram photo wall display
22. Give up the habit of browsing my phone before bed & upon waking up
23. Explore Astoria, Queens
24. Invite + host friends in NYC and plan a great weekend
25. De-clutter once every month (donate clothes, books, etc.)

Here are some great reads on goal setting:

How can I Turn Vague Goals into Actionable To-Dos? (Lifehacker)

In Defense of the Serious Bucket List (Raptitude)

2014: What I’m going to do more of (C’est Christine)

27 Ways to Reach Your Goals (And Then We Saved)

Tell me: do you set yearly goals? What are some things you’d like to achieve this year? 

– Valerie

9 Responses to “25 Goals in Year 25”

  1. Sarita @TheOrange Gift Bag

    Loving the variety in your goals Val. It makes so much sense to split the bigger goals into smaller activities. Makes it more doable doesn’t it?

    Good luck with these!

  2. Leeron (@leeront)

    “Completing 50% of it is better than not making any progress at all.” Love this advice. Been compiling a 25-list as well but slightly intimidated by the thought of not completing it all.


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